Building Construction

Polystyrene Construction Kit System

The Polystyrene structural block system

The Polystyrene structural block system offers a variety of prefabricated elements, which can easily be worked on and be plugged together like "Lego bricks". Polystyrene consists of 98 % air and reacts biologically neutral.

Best isolation values, simple handling, greatest possible flexibility, economy and environmental compatibility are the requirements, which Bluenergy demands of the used building materials. To realize 100 % ADS/RES systems, an optimal building isolation is inevitable. This saves the majority of the necessary energy consumption of heating and air-conditioning of the rooms.

For this, Bluenergy uses fully developed materials, as the Polystyrene construction kit system.This system is versatile and individually applicable, and suitable for almost any type of building. It is high-isolating and serves at the same time as boarding for the later filling with concrete.

Elegant results.

Elegant results with Bluenergy building technology.

Bluenergy Electro Chromatic Glass

Electro-chromatic glass

To avoid unwanted heat through the windows, Bluenergy developed electro-chromatic glass.The transparency is regulated with a dimmer, manually or automatically from 100% down to 15%.This reduces energy consumption for air-conditioning, and is the invisible alternative for blinds.

Regenerative Water Supply

Processing of ground and rain water

Processing of ground and rain water.

Depending on regional conditions, ground and rainwater are also used for the ADS water supply. A technically developed filtering, as well as the sterilization with UV light, provide for perfect, high-quality drinking water.

The resulting wastewaters are biologically cleaned and directly used again for the underground irrigation.Thus the ground-water level does not sustain any damage. A perfect, clean cycle.