In order to promote and deliver Bluenergy's ADS/RES energy system and wide range of renewable energy products and services, the company has established its operations worldwide.

Bluenergy also is in the process of expanding its operation by launching additional subsidiaries and forming strategic partnerships with other quality companies in the renewable energy sector.

Blueneregy's business and operations cover the following areas:

Bluenergy Worldwide
  • Bluenergy Spain
  • Bluenergy Oman
  • Bluenergy Portugal
  • Bluenergy Canarias
  • Bluenergy Indonesia
  • Bluenergy Emirates
  • Bluenergy Baleares
  • Bluenergy St. Lucia
  • Bluenergy Saudi Arabia
  • Bluenergy Malta
  • Bluenergy Cuba
  • Bluenergy Dalmatia
  • Bluenergy Jamaica
  • Bluenergy Madeira
  • Bluenergy Italy

Current Bluenergy AG locations
(see above)

Projected Bluenergy AG locations
(see right)

Further Bluenergy subsidiaries will be formed with new partners especially in the Sun Belt, which will manufacture products, and realize decentralized autonomous developments with settlements, resorts, urbanisations, marinas and hotels, following the Bluenergy concept.

An important factor is the establishment of production facilities which will create jobs in the respective countries for the numerous Bluenergy products, as soon as the market has been dimensioned and grown accordingly.