The market of tomorrow - guaranteed.

Energy from renewable sources will play an enormous role in the future (RES: RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES). Even classic oil companies such as BP and Shell are recognizing this fact. The latter is at present prominently engaged in the conception and development of future power supply models and the marketing of renewable energies from sun,wind and water.

It is obvious, whoever secures his market-share in the regenerative energy business today will play a major role in the future.

Bluenergy: for a 100% ADS and RES future

ADS: Autonomous, Decentralized, Sustainable
RES: Renewable Energy Sources

A 100% balanced cycle Nature demonstrates: Long-term functioning systems are based on a 100% balanced cycle: That is the strength of the Bluenergy concept

The Bluenergy ADS-concept provides building solutions for houses and hotels that are completely independent from conventional power supplies and disposal services, using an array of technologies.

The Bluenergy ADS-concept essentially consists of four components:

The basis of the Bluenergy is the transformation of light into electricity "the power connection to the sun". Available everywhere the world, inexhaustible, clean, secure, and thanks to the unique Bluenergy concept: economical.

Energy-saving building materials:

Energy-saving appliances:

  • Induction stoves
  • Swamp coolers
  • Energy-efficient bulbs
  • Sensors

Bluenergy technology:


A meaningful combination of these technologies provides

The ADS Living Concept