Current Projects

Reference project Hilgen (Germany):
The "Blue Bergische Development"

The first bio-geophotarque® settlement will develop in the Rheinisch –Bergisch district in Hilgen, Germany. An autonomous, decentralized, and sustainable project with its own energy,water supply and waste disposal - 100 % ADS/RES; completely independent from public supply and disposal services.

An attractive settlement is being built in a preferred area, with green and water areas, and a business park with a RES/ADS educational center, an Info-Park and a Technology exhibition.

The Bluenergy reference worldwide.


A vision for the future: Solar architecture. Attractively designed, domestic and marketable.

Realization of the ecological and economic feasibility of the bio-geophotarque® system. This takes place in a part of Germany, which is ironically not spoiled by much sun.

"Blue Bergische Development" –
Hightech to a normal price

The project is economically feasible through the consequent application of the Bluenergy 100 % ADS/RES concept. It is profitable, because the buyer only pays the local price for his real estate (no surcharge).

This is realized ecological living, not only for idealists.

The technical installations remain as paid fixed assets in the possession of the Bluenergy project company, which acts as a utility company and charges the monthly energy/disposal fees to the residents, according to the common prices in the area.

In addition to the revenues, the company receives subsidies, grants and favorable loans for the use of innovative environmental protection technologies.

Blue Bergische
aerial photo / Luftaufnahme Hilgen
"Blaue Bergische-Siedlung"

Bluenergy Projects Worldwide

Income from tourism is an important source of revenue for many regions of the earth.

But we have learned from the errors of the past: Landscape and nature protection became main pillars of sustainable Tourism. Short-term profit gains from an uncontrolled exploitation of resources by earlier generations led to the destruction of the environment on a long-term basis. Important income sources were lost forever.

The political support for a sustainable and gentle tourism is huge. Bluenergy could already activate many promising projects with its 100 % ADS/RES concept, make important contacts on high levels of different governments, and achieve contracts and options to cultivate land in exclusive areas.

Large tourism enterprises such as TUI/LTU, for which Bluenergy already conducted appropriate studies, are convinced of the Bluenergy concept for a sustainable future.

Bluenergy Resorts

<P>Reference bungalow

Reference bungalow "Eco Center" - Developed particularly for the Seychelles.

To follow the requirements of the tourism market, Bluenergy already designed and developed various autonomous and decentralized systems.

Starting with 100 % ADS/RES vacation homes, over hotels, to a complete resort area with recreation center, for example for the Western region in Saudi Arabia, or in the Emirates.

On one side, these are holiday areas, on the other they are research and training centers in the pre and off-season, with visualization of all ADS/RES parameters in a separate conference room.